Indian Railways Set a Record of Operating Longest Train “Trishul” Over SCR

Indian Railways Set a Record of Operating Longest Train “Trishul” Over SCR

For the first time, Indian Railways operated a long-haul freight train named Trishul, which is longer than a normal freight train. It can be multiple times longer than the normal freight train. Trishul is three times longer than a normal freight train. The successful test was conducted between Vijaywada and Duvvada. The initiative was taken by the Indian Railways to speed up the operation of goods trains.

After getting huge success SCR operated a similar train as long as Trishul named Garuda. The train was operated between Raichur and Guntakal. In both cases, the average speed was 50 kilometers. Although both trains are operated with empty wagons for loading coal for thermal power stations.

Indian Railways claims that It will reduce the pressure of freight trains on congested routes, to save manpower, quick service, its major benefits. And this will help the passenger and superfast trains to reach their destinations without any delay. On the other hand, SWR used AC-2 and AC-3 tier coaches for freight. This timetabled parcel Express of 18 AC coaches, carrying 163 tonnes, left from Vasco to Okhla, Delhi. It was used to deliver chocolate and snacks. The 2500+ kilometer journey gives Indian Railway a revenue of 12.83 lakhs.

Indian Railways will always continue to experiment so that the goods transport system is further improved.

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